The key breakthrough technologies to be developed are:

1. Safe robot arms with novel proximity-sensing skin and dynamic contact-avoiding behaviours,
complemented with underlying inherent mechanical safety, allowing ubiquitous use of robots in shared
workspaces with humans.

2. Platform-independent harmonized robot software components for seamless integration with existing
machinery and robots, including rapid self-calibration to operate in un-altered environments.

3. Standard core hardware modules (e.g. adaptive grippers and arms) plus a procedure to use Additive
Manufacturing (3D printing) for task specific parts, brought together in a novel high-speed hardware
development-and-installation procedure.

4. Fast teaching software for on-site robot “programming”, using domain-specific models and languages (e.g.,
optimized for mould finishing or for snap-on assembly) so that only essential parameters and trajectories
need to be taught by humans.

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