05/29/2017 | Posted in:News

There are several presentations related to the Factory-in-a-day project at the ICRA conference in Singapore:

– May 30:icra_logo_4_0
10:15h/TUA 7.5: Florian Bergner, Emmanuel Dean-Leon and Gordon Cheng (all TUM): “Efficient Event-Driven Reactive Control for Large-Scale Robot Skin”
16.45h/TUD11.5: Emmanuel Dean-Leon, Brennand Pierce, Florian Bergner, Philipp Mittendorfer, Karinne Ramirez-Amaro, Wolfgang Burger, Gordon Cheng (all TUM): “TOMM: Omnidirectional Mobile Manipulator”

– May 31:
14:30/WeC7.1: Joseph Mirabel and Florent Lamiraux (LAAS-CNRS): “Manipulation planning: Addressing the crossed foliation issue”

16:10h/WeD2.2: Ruben Burger, Mukunda Bharatheesha, Robert Babuska (all Delft University of Technology), Marc van Eert (Technolution B. V,): “Automated Tuning and Configuration of Path Planning Algorithms”


Workshop presentation on May 29:
The robotic sense of touch

Workshop presentation on June 2nd:
IC3 – Industry of the future: Collaborative, Connected