01/10/2017 | Posted in:News

This deliverable video focuses on the dynamic obstacle avoidance which is an essential component to ensure safety in the robot
environment and get the robots collaborate with fellow human beings thus improving the efficiency of the processes in the factory environment which is one of the goals of the project.vlcsnap-2017-01-10-14h34m29s260
In terms of technology, Skin Sensors from TUM, Reactive Path Planner from SIEMENS-PLM, and Reactive Controller from LAAS makes us confident in achieving this task. This deliverable makes an attempt to combine all the components to get a manipulation scenario running to illustrate the dynamical obstacle avoidance capability. This simulation video is a proof-of-concept for the future deployment in the real robot. The illustration is done on the robot TOMM setup with skin sensors on the right forearm of the robot.
The two excerpts in the deliverable video are as follows:
1. Firstly, the reactive dynamic obstacle avoidance behavior using the simulated skin sensors with ‘Stack of Tasks’ (SOT), the reactive
controller driving the robot.
2. Secondly, the manipulation scenario which shows the use of pcl (point cloud library) based planner and the reactive SOT controller to avoid obstacles.