08/17/2016 | Posted in:News

Programming industrial robots to perform repetitive tasks is time-consuming. Based on our knowledge in manipulation planning, we have developed

  • a software that handles the manipulation constraints evoked above, and
  • a graphical user interface that enables a programmer to define the manipulation constraints relative to a problem.

The movies illustrate a robot programming interface to build a sequence of motions in order to perform an industrial task.

The input is:

– a model of the robot (UR5 robot arm with gripper)

– a model of the environment and objects, like trays, shaver parts,

– a position of frames on shaver parts, trays and gripper in order to specify the relative position of gripper/object to grasp objects (shaver part or tray). Future work should focus on building interactively those frames with external vision systems,

The user specifies through the graphical interface:

– initial position of each object (which part on which slot)

– final position of each object (first movie),

– the possible grasps (which gripper can grasp which object),

– the possible slots for each object.

The software then computes a collision-free motion between initial and goal configurations. Repeating this actions several times results in the movie below. All videos are on our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr-FPaBG3MJ5t_oyUSmt-ow

To ease motion planning, pre-grasp positions are automatically defined for the gripper above the shaver part to grasp.



This work was done by our partner LAAS: http://projects.laas.fr/gepetto/index.php/Members/FlorentLamiraux