07/10/2017 | Posted in:News

iros_logoFactory-in-a-day is supporting the 2nd Workshop on “Semantic Policy and Action Representations for Autonomous Robots (SPAR)”, a full day workshop on September 24th, 2017 as part of the IROS 2017 conference. This workshop will take place in Vancouver, Canada.

Service and industrial robots are expected to be more autonomous and work effectively around/ alongside humans. This implies that robots should have special capabilities, such as interpreting and understanding human intentions in different domains. The major challenge is to find appropriate mechanisms to explain the observed raw sensor signals such as poses, velocities, distances, forces, etc., in a way that robots are able to make informative and high-level descriptive models out of that. These models will for instance permit the understanding of, what is the meaning of the observations/demonstrations, infer how they could generate/produce a similar behavior in other conditions/domains?, and more importantly, allow robots to communicate with the user/operator about why they infer that behavior. One promising way to achieve that is using high-level semantic representations.

All details on the workshop website: http://www.ics.ei.tum.de/workshop-iros-spar17/

The Call for papers/posters for the workshop is also open, details for the application can be found here: call4Posters_demonstrations17.

Deadline is: 25th July 2017