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Participants of the workshop on ROS tools

At the beginning of February, 2017, the first Factory-in-a-day robot software integration workshop took place.  Together with other EU-funded projects working on ROS tools for scanning, testing, and deploying software, the goal was to  bring together developers and system integrators in one workshop. Here they could develop and test ROS tools that can be used to ensure software quality and reliable and quick deployment. The following slides of the presentations are available here:

The Automated Test Framework – introduction – tool for runtime testing (i.e., checking quality “a posteriori”)(presentation by Florian Weisshardt)

The deployment infrastructure – introduction – tool for deploying code faster (presentation by Mathias Luedtke)

HAROS: static analysis of ROS code   – tool for code scanning (i.e., checking quality “a priori”) (presentation by André Santos)

Other participants were from the projects ROSIN and Scalable 4.0.