05/17/2016 | Posted in:News

logo2016_2At the RoboBusiness event, which will take place in in Odense/Denmark from June 1-3, 2016, Factory-in-a-day will present a special event: Team Delft – the team from TU delft participating in the Amazon Picking Challenge will demonstrate its robotic system in the Factory-in-a-day booth.  The team will use technologies developed in our project. The robot will demonstrate its skills for locating and picking items on an Amazon shelf in an exhibition match with the other Dutch finalist, Team Applied Robotics.

The Amazon Picking Challenge will take place in Leipzig at the end of June during the RoboCup (Leipzig/Germany, June 29 – July 3). In an exhibition match between the two teams, the robots will compete against each other. The task is to pick products off a dual-sided Amazon shelf, demonstrating intelligent perception and motion skills. This unstructured scenario, with heterogeneous objects and high uncertainty, remains a challenge for robot automation.

Dr. Carlos Hernandez Corbato, team member of Team Delft, says: “Robot automation in uncertain environments such as Amazon’s warehouse shelves remains a challenge. At RoboBusiness Team Delft will demonstrate how reliable pick and place can be achieved with the Factory-in-a-Day solution. Our robotic system will be competing at the Amazon Picking Challenge 2016 finals.”

You can visit the Factory-in-a-day in a day project at booth #76.