Presentation at ICINCO 2017

The paper “Robustness to Inertial Parameter Errors for Legged Robots Balancing on Level Ground” by Nirmal Giftsun, Andrea Del Prete and Florent Lamiraux (all LAAAS-CNRS) will be presented at the 14th International Conference on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics (ICINCO) 2017 in Madrid/ Spain. The presentation is on Friday, July 28, in the track ICINCO 17-8C.

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IROS Workshop on Semantic Policy and Action Representations for Autonomous Robots (SPAR)

iros_logoFactory-in-a-day is supporting the 2nd Workshop on “Semantic Policy and Action Representations for Autonomous Robots (SPAR)”, a full day workshop on September 24th, 2017 as part of the IROS 2017 conference. This workshop will take place in Vancouver, Canada.

Service and industrial robots are expected to be more autonomous and work effectively around/ alongside humans. This implies that robots should have special capabilities, such as interpreting and understanding human intentions in different domains. The major challenge is to find appropriate mechanisms to explain the observed raw sensor signals such as poses, velocities, distances, forces, etc., in a way that robots are able to make informative and high-level descriptive models out of that. These models will for instance permit the understanding of, what is the meaning of the observations/demonstrations, infer how they could generate/produce a similar behavior in other conditions/domains?, and more importantly, allow robots to communicate with the user/operator about why they infer that behavior. One promising way to achieve that is using high-level semantic representations.

All details on the workshop website:

The Call for papers/posters for the workshop is also open, details for the application can be found here: call4Posters_demonstrations17.

Deadline is: 25th July 2017

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Presentation at ICAR 2017

icar2017headerThe paper ” Performance Study of Single-Query Motion Planning for Grasp Execution Using Various Manipulators” by Jonathan Meijer, Qujiang Lei and Martijn Wisse (all TU Delft) will be presented at 18th International Conference on Advanced Robotics – ICAR. It will take place in Hong Kong from July 10 -12 2017, hosted by The Chinese University of Hong Kong and The Hong Kong Science and Technology Park.

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Presentations at AIM 2017

aim2017logoThere will be two presentations of our partner TU Delft at the AIM 2017, the IEEE International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics, which will take place in Munich, Germany from 3 to 7 July, 2017.



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Presentations at ICRA 2017

There are several presentations related to the Factory-in-a-day project at the ICRA conference in Singapore:

– May 30:icra_logo_4_0
10:15h/TUA 7.5: Florian Bergner, Emmanuel Dean-Leon and Gordon Cheng (all TUM): “Efficient Event-Driven Reactive Control for Large-Scale Robot Skin”
16.45h/TUD11.5: Emmanuel Dean-Leon, Brennand Pierce, Florian Bergner, Philipp Mittendorfer, Karinne Ramirez-Amaro, Wolfgang Burger, Gordon Cheng (all TUM): “TOMM: Omnidirectional Mobile Manipulator”

– May 31:
14:30/WeC7.1: Joseph Mirabel and Florent Lamiraux (LAAS-CNRS): “Manipulation planning: Addressing the crossed foliation issue”

16:10h/WeD2.2: Ruben Burger, Mukunda Bharatheesha, Robert Babuska (all Delft University of Technology), Marc van Eert (Technolution B. V,): “Automated Tuning and Configuration of Path Planning Algorithms”


Workshop presentation on May 29:
The robotic sense of touch

Workshop presentation on June 2nd:
IC3 – Industry of the future: Collaborative, Connected

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Polishing case demonstration at AWK 2017

AWK_2017_243x61_deFraunhofer IPT, a partner of Factory-in-a-day, is demonstrating a robot for polishing a mould at the Aachener Werkzeugmaschinen Kolloquium (AWK).

The guiding them for this yer’s congress is Internet of production for Agile Enterprises. The AWK is a congress with more that 1000 international participants.


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Successfull trade fair for Factory-in-a day


The robot at the trade fair covered with TUM’s robot skin.

Last week, the robotic community gathered at RoboBusiness Europe 2017 in The Hague, the Netherlands. The exhibition and presentations of the event were very well visited. The booth of Factory in a day was situated right at the entrance, greeting visitors with a special demonstration.

The booth featured a demonstration of a robot arm packing boxes of lego in a bag, thereby also demonstrating safe human-robot interaction. This is possible since the robotic arm is completely covered with a robot ‘skin’ developed by the Institute for Cognitive Systems at the Technical University of Munich, one of the project partners.


Robot TiaGo visited the booth of Factory-in-a-day.

Other partners from the project contributing to the robotic system at the trade fair were:

TU Delft: concerned with the software (open-source) for the UR5 robotic arm, focusing on the integration of all the systems.

CNRS-LAAS and Siemens PLM: provided technology for obstacle avoidance.

ROS served as a tool for enabling the integration of the advanced capabilities developed in Factory-in-a-day. This was demonstrated in the enhanced human-robot collaboration through dynamic obstacle avoidance demonstrated at RoboBusiness Europe, which integrates the sensing skin with advanced motion planning and robot control algorithms.

“We were very happy with the positive feedback we received from the visitors at RoboBusiness 2017. Participating was important to connect with companies, especially SMEs, that could benefit from the technologies developed in Factory-in-a-day. For example, we were approached by people in the manufacturing and logistic sectors”, stated Carlos Hernandez from Delft University of Technology.


More pictures are here:




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‘Skin’ made from sensors makes working with a robotic arm safer

Press release:

‘Skin’ made from sensors makes working with a robotic arm safer

Partners from the Factory-in-a-Day project have developed a robot prototype that consist of a robotic arm completely covered with sensors. The idea is that this will prevent the arm to bump into people or objects in a working environment.

Visitors to the RoboBusiness Europe 2017 event (from 19 to 21 April in The Hague and Delft) will be greeted in a very special way. They will be welcomed by a robotic arm completely covered with a robot ‘skin’ developed by the Institute for Cognitive Systems in the Technical University of Munich, which amongst other things, can measure the distance between themselves and objects or people. This robotic system is a result of the EU project Factory-in-a-Day.

Efficient collaboration

The efficient collaboration of human operators and robots is an important aspect of Factory-in-a-Day. Fitting sensors to a robot to make it “feel” that either people or objects are around it, is potentially a good way of efficient collaboration. Current safety mechanism allow interaction by stopping the system when a collision is detected. However, avoiding potential collisions is desired, because it provides a more flexible, efficient interaction without stops. To put this idea to the test, the Institute for Cognitive Systems in the Technical University of Munich developed a ‘smart skin’ with sensors that can gauge pressure, distance, acceleration and temperature.

Avoiding collisions
The sensors in this robot skin can help the robot to avoid contact/crashing by using intelligent controls. Consortium partners CNRS-LAAS and Siemens PLM have provided technology for obstacle avoidance. ‘Dynamic collision avoidance can enhance productivity of robots that collaborate with humans in the factory floor’ says researcher Carlos Hernandez Corbato from Delft University of Technology. ‘Another advantage of this robot skin is that it is auto-calibrating. This allows for quick installation and configuration of the skin in different robot arms.’

‘Delft University of Technology was mainly concerned with the software (open-source) for the UR5 robotic arm, focusing on the integration of all the systems. In principle, the system with sensors can be used in robotic arms for a whole range of applications.’

European small and medium-sized businesses rarely make use of advanced robot technology. The EU ‘Factory-in-a-Day’ project is an attempt to change this situation by developing a flexible, inexpensive robotic systems that can also be leased. The international consortium consists of sixteen partners with TU Delft as coordinating university. The robotic arm is still at the development stage; the final prototype will be ready to be shown in September, at the end of the project Factory-in-a-Day.

RoboBusiness Europe 2017
The unique robotic arm will be on show at the RoboBusiness Europe event, booth B170, which takes place in The Hague and Delft from 19 to 21 April 2017. The event combines the trade fairs and conferences of RoboBusiness Europe, TUS Expo and ROS Industrial Summit, making it one of the largest robotics events in the world. It is expected to attract over 4,000 visitors from around the globe. The conferences will be held at the World Forum in The Hague and there will be an extensive programme in and around Delft.

More information

Website Factory-in-a-Day

Website RoboBusiness EU


Dr Carlos Hernandez Corbato – TU Delft +31 15 2788643


Ilona van den Brink – TU Delft science information officer, +31 15 2784259



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Visit Factory-in-a-day at RoboBusiness

Just one more week to go, before you can meet us at the RoboBusiness Europe trade fair in The Hague.

You can’t miss our booth B170 right at the entrance. Banner blue - 728x90

We are looking forward to meeting you at the trade fair.



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New website on European Robotics Forum Workshops

 The Workshop on Hybrid Production Systems that took place at the different European Robotics Forum events 2014-2017 has its own website with all the relevant documents:


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