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Plug&Work Robots: The project Factory-in-a-day aims at improving the competitiveness of European manufacturing SMEs by removing the primary obstacle for robot automation: installation time and installation cost.

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Plug & Work robots help companies – final project video

Small and medium enterprises in Europe often refrain from using advanced robot technology. The EU-project Factory-in-a-Day aimed at changing this by developing a robotic system that is to set up, operational in 24 hours and is flexible, leasable and cheap.


Usage of ATF and IPDE applied on a Pick&Place example

Pick&Place application The EU project Factory-in-a-Day focuses on Plug & Work robots with the goal to remove the primary obstacles for robot automation, which are time and cost for installation. This document demonstrates two emerged tools, Automated Test Framework (ATF)

Polishing Video_Teaser

Video on automating polishing software

In Factory-in-a-day we developed a software for automating polishing, using software development platforms ROS, VTK and MySQL. In the Automated Polishing Software, the to-be polished work piece’s geometry is loaded and the properties of the workpiece are defined and analyzed.