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Plug&Work Robots: The project Factory-in-a-day aims at improving the competitiveness of European manufacturing SMEs by removing the primary obstacle for robot automation: installation time and installation cost.

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New movies on robot programming interface

Programming industrial robots to perform repetitive tasks is time-consuming. Based on our knowledge in manipulation planning, we have developed a software that handles the manipulation constraints evoked above, and a graphical user interface that enables a programmer to define the


How Team Delft won the APC 2016 – new blog online

Team Delft – the winner of the Amazon Pickling Challenge 2016 – published a blog with technical details on their robotic system.  

Joey Durham/Amazon Robotics (right) hands over the award of the Amazon Picking Challenge to Dr. Hernandez Corbato (middle) and Mr. van Deurzen from Team Delft. ©Amazon

Interview with Dr. Hernandez Corbato on Team Delft’s victory

Team Delft won the Amazon Picking Challenge (APC) almost two weeks ago. Now that everybody had a bit of time to recover, we interviewed Dr. Carlos Hernandez Corbato,TU Delft Robotics Institute, one of the team leaders of Team Delft, on