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Plug&Work Robots: The project Factory-in-a-day aims at improving the competitiveness of European manufacturing SMEs by removing the primary obstacle for robot automation: installation time and installation cost.

Latest News


New video on “Reactive Path Planning and Motion Control (Deliverable 4.4)”

This deliverable video focuses on the dynamic obstacle avoidance which is an essential component to ensure safety in the robot environment and get the robots collaborate with fellow human beings thus improving the efficiency of the processes in the factory


New video: Augmenting awareness by HoloLens

Augmenting awareness by HoloLens: initial exploration Author/Institution: Jouke Verlinden/TU Delft This video is a first exploration on how Augmented Reality can be used in production planning and during deployment & operation. It is part of Deliverable 4.4.  HoloLens: Although we


New article on Factory-in-a-day in Control Engineering magazine

Factory-in-a-day is mentioned in an article in the Control Engineering magazine: “Easier, safer robotic programming is among results from an expanding open-source robotics software group”