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Plug&Work Robots: The project Factory-in-a-day aims at improving the competitiveness of European manufacturing SMEs by removing the primary obstacle for robot automation: installation time and installation cost.

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New article on Factory-in-a-day in Control Engineering magazine

Factory-in-a-day is mentioned in an article in the Control Engineering magazine: “Easier, safer robotic programming is among results from an expanding open-source robotics software group”  


How Factory-in-a-day contributed to URCaps

Nowadays robotic assembly solutions are becoming easier to put together due to standardized hardware interfaces and specific “designed for” add-ons. However, on a software level, the configuration and operation of these extensions is becoming more complex, due to the greater


New video on for Deliverable 5.4

We have a new video deliverable online on Deliverable 5.4: “A model based task specification that includes programming by demonstration aspects” Have a look at: http://www.factory-in-a-day.eu/media/videos/